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Willow Feminist Witch Earrings

Willow Earrings

These are our Willow WitchEarrings 💖 named after the queer witch of our millennial hearts Willow Rosenberg (character of the tv show Buffy, The Vampire Slayer).  

Witches have been, typically, womxn (although people of other genders can and do identify as such) in control of their power and aiming to use it for the betterment of their condition, but also that of their community, and in particular of marginalised people.

They don’t believe in everything that is taught by society and look for alternatives to a patriarchal and capitalistic way of living. Because of their power, of their defiance of unjust rules, they have been demonised, tortured, k1lled.

For these reasons @sofia_righetti calls witches a feminist icon, and the perfect symbol for those that want to “subvert the status quo”.

Materials and Dimensions

The earrings dangle from your ear and they are 68 mm long and 35mm wide.

All 3D printed parts are made of PLA, a sustainable material made of corn. The stud is brass and the backs are silicon. Our creations do not leave green markings on your skin. 
For optimal maintenance, I suggest to wear it with pride, love it plenty, but not to get it wet! The gold and silver plated parts are splash proof but can lose their coat with time if wet.
This item is printed in sustainable, corn-based materials.
The packaging is completely plastic-free.
Shipping & Returns
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