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  • Who the fork cares about armpit hair?

    September 09, 2020

    Let's talk armpit hair! Do you shave it? Do you let it grow? Do you dye it in rainbow colours? Did you laser it off? Do you show it with pride? Do you simply do whatever feels good that day/month/year?⁠ 

    Each one of these options is fine and valid. Mostly because who the fork cares about other people's armpits? Such a weird thing to get worked up about. Strangers' armpits' hair. Nonetheless, people do get worked up about it, especially if the armpit belongs to a woman. 

    The most common justification for such "shock" is the cleanliness issue. Truth is, hairy armpits aren't dirty nor do they have more bacteria compared to not hairy ones. The cleanliness concern is simply a marketing tactic that someone working in advertising came up with to shame us into shaving and buying razors.⁠ ⁠

    The second one is the femininity issue. People often say that it's not feminine for women to have armpit hair. And well, here's my opinion.⁠ 

    First, nobody owes femininity to anybody. You can decide that you want to be feminine or not and that's your choice, it doesn't depend on the sex you were assigned at birth nor your gender. ⁠

    Secondly, even if a woman, or any human really, decided to be feminine, it's really up to her/him/them to decide whatever femininity means for her/him/them!.

    We all have so many more exciting and important things to think about and discuss rather than stranger's armpits. Do what you feel comfortable with and just MOVE ON.


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