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  • Why should you add your pronouns after your name?

    September 28, 2020

    Why did I write my pronouns (she/her) in my bio and in my introduction? 

    Contrary to what I was taught growing up, I now know that gender is fluid and it isn’t binary. I know that some people want to be referred as “she/her”(like me), some “he/him”, some “they/them” and some other pronouns. I also know that I can’t tell people’s pronouns by looking at them and assuming (you know what they say about assuming!). 

    For this reason it is very important to state your pronouns whenever you can and make it a habit. To create a safe environment where gender isn’t assumed and people can be and be treated as who they really are. 

    I am cisgender - meaning when I was born my parents were told I was a “she” and growing up that coincided with my gender identity “she”. I also present in a stereotypical way for a “she”. This means that, most likely, people could guess my pronouns. 

    Why is it PARTICULARLY important that I add my pronouns? Because there’s no risk for me to do it, because it should be normal not to assume and instead listen, because people with privilege like me should always try to do better and create a safe environment for marginalised groups. 

    For those who are not cisgender, stating their pronouns can still be hard. It arouses questions, judgement, discrimination, violence. Normalising such statements is part of creating the change. 

    Disclaimer - Just acknowledging that I still assume and still get it wrong. This is me trying to learn with you and share what I learn, NOT to lecture!

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