Temporary Tattoos Against Taboos

Temporary Tattoos Against Taboos

Our Feminist Tattoos Against Taboos are here!


The tattoo ink is non-toxic and made from safe materials that have been dermatologically tested.

Use and Care
The tattoo generally lasts between 3 to 5 days but in reality it can depend on many factors: rubbing, sweating, creams or other chemicals, and positioning will impact on the durability!
Recommended from 3 years old.
The images come in a sheet and are not cut individually, we recommend cutting close to the image itself for a more detailed finish.
The remaining instructions can be found in a paper that will be shipped to you.

Shipping & Returns
This item is shipped in the same packaging as our 3D printed pieces and therefore can be ordered together with combined shipping. Find all information about Shipping, Returns and much more in the FAQ page!