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Lilith Snake Earrings

These are our Lilith Reputation-inspired 3D Printed Earrings. 💖 

Lilith was Adam's first wife, made like him from dirt. Since she was made the same, she expected to have his same rights, and when she was denied them, she decided to run away from Eden.

She is often symbolised by the snake, some believe she's the snake that "tempted" Eve, and she was traditionally seen as a demonic figure, but Wiccans and feminists see her as the symbol of women’s emancipation from men’s power, reclaiming her story as one of self-determination and refusal to submit, both terrifying in the eyes of men.

PSA - We are now fully vegan! For Lilith, we now use realistic fake pearls made of glass, but the pictures still include real pearls. So the pearls you will receive are slightly different, with an irregular shape of 6mm x 4mm.

Materials and Dimensions

The hoops have a 15 mm diameter. The snake is about 4.5 mm long. Only one earring has the snake, the other has a chain and pearl as per the pictures.

All 3D printed parts are made of PLA, a sustainable material made of corn. All metal parts are rhodium or 19k gold plated. Our creations do not leave green markings on your skin.
Rhodium is silver coloured but more resistant and high quality than silver coating.
For optimal maintenance, I suggest to wear it with pride, love it plenty, but not to get it wet! The gold and silver plated parts are splash proof but can lose their coat with time if wet.
This item is printed in sustainable, corn-based materials.
The packaging is completely plastic-free.
Shipping & Returns
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