Yasmin Rainbow Hearts Pride Glasses Chains


Yasmin Rainbows Hearts Pride Glasses Chains

Our Ranbow Hearts Glass Chains are named after Yasmin Finney, trans woman and star of Heartstopper.

Black trans women have always been at the forefront of queer liberation, yet the most endangered and excluded by the community and even feminist circles. 

Yasmin has always been active online to talk about life as a trans woman, and now that she has gained even more fame thanks to her incredible talent in “Heartstopper” as Elle, she continuously uses her privileged position to keep fighting discrimination and advocating for trans folks, positioning herself in the long line of courageous and proud trans black women that were active before her.🏳️‍⚧️

Materials and Dimensions

The chains are about 65cm in total. The gold plated one is more heavy than the enamel one, so if weight is an issue for you I would pick the enamel option. 

All 3D printed parts are made of PLA, a sustainable material made of corn. All metal parts are silver or 19k gold plated. The mouth is covered in UV resin giving it a gloss effect! Our creations do not leave green markings on your skin. 
For optimal maintenance, I suggest wearing it with pride, love it plenty, but not to get it wet! The gold and silver plated parts are splash proof but can lose their coat with time if wet.
This item is printed in sustainable, corn-based materials.
The packaging is completely plastic-free.

Shipping & Returns
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