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  • Acida 🍋 Beanie


    Acida Beanie 

    This is our Beanie with an embroidery of the writing "acida" and a small lemon.

    In Italy women are often called "Acida" (meaning sour, like a lemon), for simply not adhering to the stereotypical motherly and accommodating temper society is trying to impose on them. We're tired of being shamed for speaking our minds, and we now celebrate our unwillingness to comply, wearing this word like a badge of honour. 🍋


    • 60% cotton, 40% acrylic • Breathable cotton blend • Form-fitting shape • One size

    Do not dry clean.
    Production Details 

    This is one of our on-demand creations. With on-demand production, everything is made to order, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing.

    I do not personally produce this item, but all embroideries and prints are made locally according to where you order (eg. Australia if you are in Australia, UK if you are in UK, Latvia or Spain if you are in Europe). The blank product is sourced by our supplier around the world, while respecting their international Code of Conduct (pdf can be sent upon request).


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