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    February 19, 2022

    Welcome to Normale

    Normale was born in 2020, but, at the time, it was called Ctrl Art Del.

    Ctrl Art Del was born as a personal journey that I, Chiara (she/her), had started at the beginning of the pandemic when, locked up at home with my thoughts and my computer, I began making vulva art to normalise a part of my body that the patriarchy had told me to be ashamed of.

    It became almost immediately clear that this wasn't just my personal journey, and that many others saw themselves in it, therefore I turned my passion for intersectional feminism into my job.

    If Ctrl Art Del was born for me, it grows into Normale for us.

    Ctrl Art Del reflected how this brand was born, but not where it is going. And if our origin story will keep being fundamental, we want to keep moving forward. So we decided to move on, while keeping in mind where we came from.

    Why Normale?

    A few reasons.

    One is the willingness to keep our origin story with us: from its beginning, Ctrl Art Del has had the mission of “Normalising taboo topics through representation and conversation” and this is not only not going to change, but is now going to be reflected in our name as well.

    Moreover, and maybe more importantly, the word normal is often misused to perpetrate violence against marginalised groups ( e.g. “being gay isn’t normal”), and we think it’s time to reclaim it. Something can not be the norm, or conform to society’s normative ideals, but this doesn't make it any less normal.

    Calling “Normale” a brand that represents vulvas, masturbation, stretch marks, boobs, menstrual blood, body hair, queerness, disability, mental illnesses, is a statement per se, and it’s the statement we want to make. This is normale, deal with it.

    In conclusion

    Normale is us: I can create and design, but you are the ones bringing this fight into the world. This is why, every time you wear, hang, use one of our creations, you are carrying on the normale fight, by representing as normal, topics that society refuses to normalise.

    A pair of earrings won't change the world, but the conversation they spark, and the people who wear them, might.

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