May 20, 2024

Recently someone told me, talking about my political stance, “You are always mad with the world”.

It’s funny how they were trying to insult me by saying it, but the only thing I wanted to answer was “Thank you for noticing!”.

Because we ARE mad, not with everything, but with the overarching structure that allows inequality, exploitation and discrimination to be the foundation of our society. And when the only alternative to being mad is being complicit in our own, and other’s, mistreatment, it’s easy to see how being mad is really the only sane thing to do. 

Not to mention, the only USEFUL thing to do. Because while we recognise that it is not necessary for an emotion to be “productive” in order to be valid, it is also true that no person ever changed the world by being content with it. And our world is in desperate need of changing.

I started my “Pissed Feminist” collection because of this, because I knew all feminists and activists have to face questions and comments such as “why are you always so mad?” or “you shouldn’t be so mad all the time”, when what people should be doing is thanking us for taking the weight of critically analysing the world, on our shoulders.

I wanted us to have something that both felt like a badge of honour, and highlighted the truth many pretend not to see: pissed feminists change the world. Pissed people got you the rights you are able to enjoy today, and we have every intention to be such pissed people for the next generations.

Pissed feminists change the world, YOU ARE WELCOME.

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May 20, 2024

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È divertente come l’intenzione fosse di insultarmi, ma l’unica cosa che volevo rispondere era “Grazie per averlo notato!”.

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